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  • Changchun New Industries Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.
    Lasers, Optics & Photonics

    Spectrum Analyzers
    Laser Application Systems
    Laser Measurement Tools
    Laser Marking
    Fiber-Coupled Lasers & LEDs
    Optics & Coatings
    Laboratory Instruments
    Components & Accessories
    Components & Accessories
    Laser Diode
    Laser Optics
    Optical Fiber
    Beam Expander
    AOM and Shutter
    Multi-function Optical System
    Laser Goggles


    Customer Service
    TTL or Analog Modulation
    Fiber Coupling
    Coating Service
    Laser Marking Service
    Customized Products
    Contact CNI
    Tel: +86-431-85603799 / 89216078
    Fax: +86-431-87020258
    E-mail:  sales@cnilaser.com
    国内: 0431-87020257 / 89216068

    Coating service

        Based on the laser technology, CNI also can offer high technical customer design coatings. Our coated film products range from laser crystals, laser components to other special requirements. The following coating services are for customers.
        CNI has Veeco coating machines and series optical films testing equipments. we aim to provide precision coating service with modern a
    nd normalized technology.
    Please contact the sales office for specifications and quotations based on your exact requirements.

    Veeco coating machine

    Laybold coating machine

     Lens    Mirrors
    Spherical Lens
    Aspheric Lens
    Cylindrical Lens
      Aluminum-coated mirror
    Silver-coated mirror
    Gold-coated mirror
     Filter    Prisms

    Notch Filters

    Laser Clean-up Filter

    Long-pass Edge Filters

    Dichroio Filters

    Neutral Density Filter
    Linear Variable Long Wave Pass Filter
    Raman Spectroscopy Filters

      Right-angle prisms
    Roof prisms
    Powell prisms
     Fiber Coating    Optical Beam Splitter

    With these coatings back reflections are reduced by nearly 3% at the interface between glass and air. 


    Polarization combiner Film
    RGB combiner Film
    Polarization Beam Splitter Cube

    Note: Different wavelengths and coatings are available upon request. Please contact for coating service: cnioptical@cnilaser.com

    Laser Optics

    Optics including a wide selection of Laser Crystal, Optical Lenses, Optical Filters, Optical Mirrors, Windows, Prisms, Beam splitters, Beam expander, etc.. These optics are widely use in many applications, such as microscopy, imaging, and interferometry from industries, life sciences, testing and measurement.
     Laser Crystals    Precision Optics

    Laser Crystals

    NLO Crystals



    Wave Plate

    Beam Splitters

    Line Generator

    Mirror, Lens, Output Coupler, Windows

     Optics Assemblies    Fiber Optics

    Glan Prisims

    Beam Expander

    Variable Attenuator


    SM, MM, PM Fiber

    Liquid Light Guide/ Fiber Patch Cord

    Fiber wirh Igtailed GRIN Lens Collimators

    Fiber Optic Collimation/ Coupling

    Fiber Line Generator


    Addr: No.888 Jinhu Road High-tech Zone,Changchun 130103, P.R.China

    Tel:+86-431-85603799     Fax:+86-431-87020258     E-mail: sales@cnilaser.com